It’s easy to fly in for a burger or a round of golf

Our 3,500-foot paved airstrip is always open, lighted and maintained year ‘round. It is literally on the golf course and only steps away from the clubhouse. The public is welcome to fly in for a meal, a round of golf or to explore our property. Fly-in anytime!

Voyager Village airport

Runway: 3,500 feet by 50 feet, paved, maintained and lighted year-round
Location: Runway 04/22
Notes: Left traffic, note displaced threshold.
        45-58-00 N latitude
 92-08-45 W longitude 1020 feet elevation

Multicom Frequency 122.9

Airport site #: 27677.A 
 Location ID: 9WN2

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At Voyager, proposals are anything but plane

Voyager Village Fly-in - April 2017