ATV/UTV routes open in Jackson Township

Closed during the spring thaw, April 1 - Memorial Day Weekend

ATV and UTV use is allowed on selected roads in the Town of Jackson, including certain paved roads within Voyager Village.

-Roads open to ATVs are posted with signs identifying them as ATV routes. See below for a list of designated routes in the Town of Jackson.
-ATVs are not allowed at Voyager Village beaches or boat landings.
-ATV use on non-signed roads in the Town of Jackson is illegal and violators are subject to a substantial fine. The Town of Jackson retains the right to rescind the use of ATVs and UTVs.
-All ATV road routes and trails are closed from April 1 to the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.


Within Voyager Village, ATV/UTV parking is restricted to the area near the entry gate at Lake Little Bear only.

Guidelines for Use

-ATVs in Voyager Village should use the paved surface on the far right side of the road and travel in single file.
-Left turns can be made from any part of the paved roadway that is safe based on conditions.
-Speed limit is 20 mph (10 mph within 150 feet of any dwelling).
-Operators age 16 and older must have a valid state driver’s license.
-Operators under age 16 must carry an ATV safety certificate.
-Operators under age 18 must wear a helmet.
-Owners must have liability insurance for their vehicle.
-Vehicle must display registration or license plate and have operational headlamps and tail lights.

Designated Routes in the Town of Jackson

Alden Road
Bonner Lake Road
Chalet Road
Clear Sky Road
Deerpath Road
Ford Road
Greeder Road
Greer Road
Ham Lake Road
Kilkare Road (within Town of Jackson)
Lang Road
Leef Road
Loon Creek Trail (between Three Mile Road and Loon Creek ATV trailhead)
Loon Lake Road
Mail Road
Mallard Lake Road
Meyers Road
Moro Road
Overland Trailway
Pratt Road
Sewall Road
Shore Road
Sieben Road
Sweger Road
Three Mile Road
Treasure Island Court
Treasure Island Drive
Treasure Island Road
Treasure Island Trailway
Voyager Road
Whispering Pines Road