Member Resources

POA Member Maintenance Services

Voyager Village offers services such as tree removal, tree pruning, snow plows, and home wellness checks to all members of Voyager Village at a low cost. Please use the form below to submit a maintenance request and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your project in more detail. Paper forms can also be found in the POA office. 

Ask the Board President Submissions

Our current board president has a column in our monthly news publication, “The Voyager”, where he answers questions submitted by the membership. Use the form below to submit a question for consideration, or drop it off in-person using the dropbox outside the POA office.

POA Documents

There are several important documents that describe various aspects of how Voyager Village operates. Click on each of the documents included on this page below to access or print our Covenants, Bylaws, and applications for new construction or combining lots.

POA Committees

If you are interested in joining a standing committee, please visit the POA Office to complete a Voyager Village Committee Application, or download the application above. All applications should be mailed to the POA office or emailed to the appropriate committee chair.

AAEC Control

Tom Heenan,

Earl Shenk, Greg Voegele, Dan Johnson

Alt: Scott Guenard, Advisor: Steve Johnson

Airport Committee

Geoff Day,

Tom Heenen, Bruce Ramsden, Bob Ellson, David Kramer, Bob Wold, Lynn Tippen

Advisor: Bryan Gobel, Board Liaison: John Desmond

Election Committee

Kathy Nelson,

Kathy Nelson,

Sue Oslund, Patty Bloom

Alternate: Bruce Bloom

Advisor: Nancy Brandt, Board Liaison: Jan Dawson

Finance Committee

Marc Nelson, 

Dave Aro, Paul Kirst, Holly Raisl, Mark Sisson

Board Liaison: John Desmond

Golf & Greens Committee

Virg Senescall,

Deb Rugland, Bob Ellson, John Smythe, Fritz Wegscheider

Advisor: Steve Johnson, Board Liaison: Dave Hough

Natural Resources Committee

Michael Hussey,

Betty Paskausky, David Kramer, Martha Ohno, Kevin Moser, Erin Fox, David Grommesch, Tom Heenan

Advisor: Steve Johnson, Board Liaison: Steve McDonough

Trails Committee

Tom Heenan,

Bob Ellson, Tom Hecht, Rudy & Jean Niemiec, Betty Paskausky, Stephen Scott

Advisor: Steve Johnson, Board Liaison: Steve McDonough

Covenant & Bylaws Committee

Kermit Van Roekel,

Dave Anderson, Elra Johnson, Marc Nelson, Karen Guenard

Advisor: Chris Forsti, Board Liaison: Eric Carlson

Nominating Committee

Bruce Blom

Ruth Fox, Fritz Wegscheider, Gary Zigan

Advisor: Chris Forsti, Board Liaison: Eric Carlson

Ski Club

Betty Paskausky

Diane Gilbertson, Deb Rugland, Dave Swanson

Board Liaison: Steve McDonough