POA Documents & Committees

POA Documents

There are several important documents that describe various aspects of how Voyager Village operates. Click on each of the documents included on this page below to access or print our Covenants, Bylaws, and applications for new construction or combining lots.

Upcoming Board Meetings

POA Committees

If you are interested in joining a standing committee, please visit the POA Office to complete a Voyager Village Committee Application.

A&E Control

Tom Heenan, loadmaster@me.com 

Airport Committee

Chuck Losinski, chuck.losinski@gmail.com 

Election Committee

Kathy Nelson, kathnelson@yahoo.com 

Finance Committee
Golf & Greens Committee

Virg Senescall, virgsenescall@gmail.com 

Lakes & Beaches Committee

Juli Skillman, juliskillman@gmail.com 

Trails Committee

Tom Heenan, loadmaster@me.com