Leagues & Clubs

Something for Everyone

Voyager Village members enjoy a wide variety of clubs and organizations in which they may share their interests, talents and skills with others. With a calendar packed with clubs, leagues, performances, festivals, and other vents, there’s never a shortage of things to do. League and club schedules and contact information can be found by clicking below. 

Men's Golf League

Tuesday Afternoons, Contact Kristi Vork: 715-733-7011

Men's Legends Golf League

Monday Mornings, Contact Dave Speidel: 612-812-9931

Women's Golf League

Thursday Mornings, Contact Vicki Struve: thevicster62@gmail.com


Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday Mornings: Open House Style League

Bocce League

Monday & Wednesday Afternoons, Contact Kristi Vork: 715-733-7011

Bridge Group

Friday Mornings, Contact Rose Ann Berg: dgrabergie@gmail.com

Book Club

3rd Thursday of Each Month, Contact Mary Larson: 631-276-6258

Voyager Village Birdwatchers