Property Owners Association

Our Members Care for Our Community

Thanks to the watchful eye and strategic thinking of our property owners association, Voyager Village is a thriving community with one of the best golf courses in the area and well cared for buildings and common properties. If you consider ownership at Voyager Village, it is important to understand our structure.

The Voyager Village Property Owners Association (POA) is a non-stock membership corporation responsible for maintaining, improving, regulating and preserving the Common Properties; administering and enforcing the covenants; and collecting and disbursing fees and assessments.

POA Members: When you purchase land and homes at Voyager Village, you share ownership of our community with all the other property owners. You automatically become a full voting member of the POA and assume responsibility for paying an annual assessment fee to the association. Assessment fees are used to promote the following: recreation, health, safety and welfare of Voyager residents, the improvement and maintenance of the Common Properties devoted to this purpose and services related to the use and enjoyment of the Common Properties and of the lots and living units.

POA Board of Directors: Seven POA members elected to represent the membership. These members represent the membership and work with the management team to make decisions about how our community is operated.

POA Staff: The paid staff responsible for administering and conducting the work of the POA.

Top 10 Benefits of Living in a POA

There are numerous benefits to living in a well-managed HOA, below is a list that we have identified as the Top 10 Benefits.

10. Architectural Controls – Residents are required to submit for approval any modification projects to the exterior of their home. The Architectural & Environmental (AEC) Control Committee reviews each submission to ensure consistency and continuity with original community design standards.

9. Increased Community Engagement – Community gatherings and activities such as Movie in the Park or holiday themed festivals bring neighbors closer together.

8. Access to Amenities – Many communities feature walking trails, sport courts, swimming pools, barbecue pits and neighborhood parks that are available to resident use.

7. Well-Maintained Common Areas and Amenities – HOAs typically do an outstanding job of maintaining their common areas and amenities. This includes manicured and over-seeded common area lawns, freshly painted walls, lighting that works and clean play areas, etc.

6. Increased Community Pride – Community activities and events help bring neighbors together, which increases pride within the community.

5. Rules and Regulations Deter Nuisance Activity – Each resident that owns a home in the community is held to the same set of standards for the upkeep of the exterior of their home.

4. Added Layer of Support in Dealing with Neighborhood Property Issues – HOAs often partner with municipal code compliance departments to ensure adherence to the rules.

3. Community Bonding and Communication Among Neighbors – A great way to make new friends and offer a great sense of community.

2. Financial Stability – A well-managed HOA has a reserve study in place and funds available for future common area repairs and capital improvements, thereby reducing the likelihood of needing a special assessment.

And the number one benefit of living in a well-managed HOA…

1. Helping Maintain Property Values – Since residents are held accountable to deed restrictions, homes and common areas are consistently taken care of and well-maintained.

POA Committees

If you are interested in joining a standing committee, please visit the POA Office to complete a Voyager Village Committee Application, or click to download. All applications should be mailed to the POA office or emailed to the appropriate committee chair.

AAEC Control

Tom Heenan,

Earl Shenk, Greg Voegele, Dan Johnson

Alt: Scott Guenard, Advisor: Steve Johnson

Airport Committee

Geoff Day,

 Tom Heenen, Bruce Ramsden, Bob Ellson, David Kramer, Bob Wold, Lynn Tippen

Advisor: Bryan Gobel, Board Liaison: John Desmond

Election Committee

Kathy Nelson,

Sue Oslund, Patty Bloom

Alternate: Bruce Bloom

Advisor: Nancy Brandt, Board Liaison: Jan Dawson

Finance Committee

Marc Nelson

Dave Aro, Paul Kirst, Holly Raisl, Mark Sisson

Board Liaison: John Desmond

Golf & Greens Committee

Virg Senescall,

Deb Rugland, Bob Ellson, John Smythe, Fritz Wegscheider

Advisor: Steve Johnson, Board Liaison: Dave Hough

Natural Resources Committee

Michael Hussey,

Betty Paskausky, David Kramer, Martha Ohno, Kevin Moser, Erin Fox, David Grommesch, Tom Heenan

Advisor: Steve Johnson, Board Liaison: Steve McDonough

Trails Committee

Tom Heenan,

Bob Ellson, Tom Hecht, Rudy & Jean Niemiec, Betty Paskausky, Stephen Scott

Advisor: Steve Johnson, Board Liaison: Steve McDonough

Covenant & Bylaws Committee

Kermit Van Roekel,

Dave Anderson, Elra Johnson, Marc Nelson, Karen Guenard

Advisor: Chris Forsti, Board Liaison: Eric Carlson

Nominating Committee

Bruce Blom

Ruth Fox, Fritz Wegscheider, Gary Zigan

Advisor: Chris Forsti, Board Liaison: Eric Carlson

Ski Club

Betty Paskausky

Diane Gilbertson, Deb Rugland, Dave Swanson

Board Liaison: Steve McDonough