The Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin, may not be “bionic”, but when it comes to his heart he’s anything but “stone cold”. Steve Austin is the organizer for our local First Responders annual golf tournament and dinner fundraiser. Voyager Village was proud to host this event on September 11th, and recognizes that this event is the highlight of the summer for many in the community.

The fundraiser is to support the 14 volunteer first responders that service the towns of Webb Lake, Jackson, Scott, Rusk, and Swiss. These groups are made up of volunteers who are the first to come to any 911 calls and emergencies. Answering about 155 calls a month, the work is often high-stress, high-stakes, and entirely unpaid.

Austin said that when he first heard about how these volunteers were unpaid and often had to cover their own insurance and training, it struck a cord within him.

“I live here now,” Austin said. “And I want to be able to live comfortably here because of them.” Austin quickly began planning what would become the fundraiser for the first responders, and eight years later it has become a permeant part of the local community. Austin said that the first year he was able to raise about $2,000, an amount that grows each year. This year, the community raised $48,660. The money raised goes towards insurance, training, but most importantly equipment for the EMTs and first responders. Austin said that medical supply bags alone can cost upwards of $12,000 per bag, and that thanks to community donations, there are now 14 volunteer members in our area that are carrying these bags.

Austin wanted to shout-out Dan Winters, owner of 7 Corners Printing and Promotional Products, and a partner who works with the fund raiser to print out sponsored signs for the event. Lee Tischler and Ron Solomonson were two other names that Austin mentioned; Tischler and Solomonson are members of the Tuesday Night Men’s Club at Voyager, and stepped up this year when Austin needed help. Austin also wanted to thank Voyager Village for hosting the event and providing second-to-none dinner and drinks.

“Ryan Christopherson goes above and beyond with hosting this event,” Austin said of Voyager’s Golf & Recreation director. “He makes us all feel like it’s important to him that we succeed in this.”

Voyager Village would like to thank Austin for all the work that he does for such a great cause. If you want to be a part of this annual event, consider joining Austin’s “Silver and Gold” donation clubs, or by lending a hand and volunteering.


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